Gestational diabetes diet plan for healthy pregnancy

At present it is very common disease among the people i.e diabetes. The diabetes which diagnosed during pregnancy is termed as gestational diabetes. It occurs mostly in 7 percent of all pregnancies. Gestational diabetes occurs in the second half pregnancy and goes after giving birth to the baby. However treating the gestational diabetes is compulsory as it leads to severe complications.

Gestational diabetes mainly caused in pregnancy due to insufficient production of insulin. This will leads to high blood sugar levels and causes many issues if not managed properly.

Well, one more important thing for the pregnant women is to eat a balanced and healthy diet. The healthy diet plan helps your baby to grow in the womb. Maintaining a proper diet plan is mandatory if you had the gestational diabetes. Eating proper diet will avoid using of medicines.

The gestational diabetes can be managed with proper diet plan and exercise.

The first step in treating the gestational diabetes is to modify your diet plan so as to keep your blood sugar levels in normal range. A healthful diet will help the women to deliver a healthy baby without any complications. To manage your sugar levels you need to go for the doctor suggested gestational diabetes diet plan. You need monitor the how the carbohydrates are consumed.

Recommended gestational diabetes diet plan:

The following are the recommended diet for the diabetes women during pregnancy. However the diet plan may change from women to women. Because all may not require equal amounts of diet intake.

Intake carbohydrates in food:

So as to keep your blood sugar levels in normal range you need to monitor the carbohydrates intake. Because they digest the food and turn into blood glucose. Glucose in the blood is necessary as it serves as the fuel for you and your baby. Your blood glucose levels should stay with in the target.

The food that are rich in carbohydrates are:

  • Milk,Yogurt,Fruits and Juices etc.
  • In take of rice, cereals and pasta.
  • Breads, dried beans, rolls,corns, Yams, peas and winter squash.
  • Sweets and desserts such as sugar, honey, syrups, cookies, soda and candy have typically amount of carbohydrates.

One thing you need to measure while taking in the carbohydrate content food. You need to know the serving size and grams of carbohydrates you take.

Eating carbohydrate content food is very good but you need to follow the diet according to the suggestion of your doctor. Because a registered dietitian will know what amount of carbohydrates you need to take at meals and snacks.

Distribute you food between three or two meals

Do Not consume or eat the food at one time because it may rise your blood sugar levels. Eventually distribute your food between the three meals and snacks.Do not skip your meals any time. In pregnancy you need to increase your nutrition and your baby needs the balanced nutrition.

You need to eat reasonable portion of starch.

As starch eventually turns into glucose so you need to consume the reasonable size. A cup of starch or two breads needed in every meal.

Drink one cup of milk at a time:

As milk is healthy food rich in calcium. Drink one cup of milk. Also don’t drink too much of milk as it is rich carbohydrates increases your blood sugar levels. A controlled portion is always recommended.

Take or limit the fruits:

As we all know that fruits are good for healthy but rich in sugars. You can eat one to three portions of a fruit a day. Do not consume fruits that are canned in syrup.


However controlling blood sugar levels in morning time is extremely difficult. Some refined cereals, milk may not be well tolerated in your morning breakfast. If you blood sugar levels are increased too much in your post breakfast then you should eat them in your breakfast. Your breakfast should followed by the controlled amount of starch and protein.

Avoid fruit juices, sweets and desserts:

Several fruits are required to make a glass of juice. As it is liquid and contains high carbohydrates it can easily raise your blood sugar levels. Cakes, cookies, pastries contains high amounts of carbohydrates. They contain more fast and less nutrition so avoid them.

Choose the unsaturated fats:

The unsaturated fats forms the healthy gestational diabetes diet plan. The examples of it are:

  • Olive and peanut oil
  • Nuts, seeds and salmon
  • Tuna, chia seeds and sardines

Lean protein foods:

The gestational diabetes diet plan for the women includes the intake of lean protein foods such as fish, chicken and turkey. Eggs, beans, nuts, seeds and legumes etc.

One important thing to be remembered by every women with gestational diabetes is to maintain healthy diet for healthy baby. The gestational diabetes diet plan should be followed regularly until baby is delivered. Any changes in the diet reflect on the baby health condition.

The gestational diabetes diet plan should and must compulsory avoid eating of too much sugary foods, starchy foods. Eat every food in a small portion and sizes. So follow the diet prescribed by your doctor for healthy life.

For the women with gestational diabetes proper diet plan and regular exercise matters more.

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