Exercise plays a vital role for diabetics: Exercises, precautions and benefits

Diabetics is an abnormal condition of the body where the blood sugar levels increase due to less functioning of the cells. Generally, people with diabetes feel nervous and tensioned. To avoid such feelings they are advised to do exercise regularly.

Doing regular exercises will control the blood sugar levels in the body. Because the muscles use the glucose produced while doing exercise than resting. So in order to burn the produced glucose levels, one needs to do proper exercise. It helps in avoiding the risk of cardiovascular diseases. To control your blood sugar levels you need to make your muscle movements as it leads to greater uptake of sugar levels by the muscle cells.

For the diabetics patient to lead a happy life the exercise is very important. The exercises help to include healthy heart, better weight control, and stress management. Exercise is not only important for the diabetics patient it is required for every human. Because it helps to maintain physical fitness, overall health conditions and well being.

Why exercise is important for diabetics patients?

Exercise is considered to be important because it strengthens and hardens your cardiovascular system and body muscle cells. It is opted mainly to keep fit, healthy weight management, sharpen your athletic skills etc. The more frequent and regular exercises will boost up the immune system of all the ages and also protects you against certain diseases such as

  • Heart diseases
  • heart Stroke
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Cancer and other major diseases such as weakness

Regular exercises will reduce your death rate and also the risk of major diseases to attack.

Frequent exercises for the diabetics patient also helps in improving the health benefits such as:

  • Improves mental health
  • Boosts self confidence
  • Improves the sleep quality and your energy levels as well
  • Reduced stress and depression
  • Protects against other diseases too.

However, exercise is the free task not like medicine intake where we need to spend your money. You can do it anytime and anywhere to attain or improve your health conditions.

What counts as exercise for the diabetes patients?

An aerobic activity which raises your heart rate and sweat form the body. The aerobic activity include multitude of sports such as:

  • Fast Paced Walking
  • Light Jogging and bike riding
  • rowing
  • Playing double tennis and badminton, water aerobics etc.

Cleaning home, shopping, grass cutting are not the exercises to be counted The work of manual labor is counted to burn your blood sugar levels. Sitting down for less time will make your health better. If you sit or sleep for long hours then there will be chances of chronic diseases such as heart diseases and diabetes.

Diabetics precautions while doing exercises

Diabetics patients should take some precautions while doing exercises in order to maintain optimal health and safety. A wise exercise selection for diabetes patients will help to improve their health condition very fast.

A condition known as hypoglycemia occurs if the diabetes patient takes blood sugar lowering medicine such as :

Eating too little carbohydrate content food such as fruit, milk, and starch relative to the exercise. Or taking excessive medicine relative to the exercise. Effect of food and medicine imp=balances relative to exercises. Those who don’t take any diabetes medicine does not require any precautions. Just they need to drink plenty of water before and after exercises to keep their body hydrated.

High blood sugar levels result in hyperglycemia. It occurs when too little insulin is available to counteract the liver’s production of sugar levels. While doing exercises if sugar is not available your fat is utilized to do the exercises as the result ketones levels rises in the blood.

If the diabetic patient had any heart problems he needs to consult the doctor before taking any medicines. He needs to follow the exercises and diet plan, medicines stated by the doctor.

For the patient with diabetes can occur the severe foot complications, so he needs to wear adequate footwear. The foot problems occur when the friction of pressure points develop on feet, socks not worn, poorly fit shoes worn etc.

In order to avoid such foot problems, the diabetes patients need to inspect the feet for any signs and pressure sores. You need to consult your diabetes educator for foot care. Needs to buy cotton socks and shoes which perfectly fit for your exercises.


Exercise is a vital part of patients suffering from diabetes. A frequent and regular exercise will help them to maintain their blood sugar levels normal. They need to make exercise a routine job in their life. Walking, jogging, weight management, swimming, and yoga are the best practices to control your blood sugar levels to a great extent. For a healthy life, the diabetics patient needs to quit some foods and follow the healthy diet plan with regular exercises for the effective functioning of their body muscle cells.

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