Diabetes diet plan: A healthy diet plan for diabetes patients

Diabetes diet plan: Eat healthy food to control, prevent diabetes.

A healthy diet plan and regular exercises are the best substitutes to control diabetes. Because the patients with diabetes had the risk of heart diseases and mental disorders such as depression, illness etc. In most of cases, type 2 diabetes can be cured and may be reversed sometimes. To prevent diabetes one needs to live a healthy life, eat a balanced diet to boost your energy levels.

The nutritional needs are virtually the same for all the individuals but the diabetes patients need to pay attention to some food choices. By eating a healthy diet, physical activities, losing weight will reduce the symptoms of diabetes.

The biggest risk the diabetes patients are having is the belly fat. The risk will be higher if you carry your weight around the abdomen. If the weight increases across the belly organs then there will be the chances of developing diabetes.

If the women having the waist circumference of 35 inches or more then there is a risk of diabetes occurrence.

For men the waist circumference is above 40 inches then there will be the risk of diabetes.

The calories obtained from the fructose such as beverages, soft drinks, soda, coffee are more likely to add the weight across the abdomen. If the patients with diabetes cut the sugary foods then your waist will be slim and reduces the risk of diabetes.

Diabetes Diet Plan:

A diabetes diet plan means there is no need to give up all your favorite foods. You need to make smart choices about your diet. Healthy eating of more natural foods, unprocessed and less packaged foods.

Diet to eat more:

  • You can eat healthy fats from nuts, olive oil, fish oils and flax seeds.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables which are fresh and the juices.
  • Eat higher fiber content i.e. cereals and breads made from whole grains only.
  • Eat fish, shellfish and organic chicken.
  • Eat high quality proteins such as eggs, beans, low fat dairy and unsweetened yogurt.

Diet to eat less:

  • Eat less deep fried foods and trans fats.
  • Fast and packed foods.
  • Eat less white bread, sugar cereals, refined pastas and rice.
  • Processes meat and red meat.

You need to choose high fiber content and slow release carbs because carbohydrates have a great impact on your blood sugar levels. You need to limit the refined carbohydrates and focus mainly on the high fiber complex carbohydrates known as slow release carbs. Because the slow release carbs are digested very slowly thereby preventing your body to produce too much insulin content.

In your diet plan be smart about your sweets:

A healthy diabetes diet plan means not eliminating sugar content foods. You can still enjoy the sugar substances but to a moderate extent.

  • You need to reduce the sugar content in your diet and give your taste buds to adjust for it.
  • If you want to eat dessert hold the bread, rice or pasta at your meals.
  • You need to add healthy fats such as yogurt, nuts, cheese to your dessert.
  • Always it is best practice to eat sweets along with a meal rather than at a snacks.

Tips to cut down the sugar from your diet plan.

For the diabetes diet plan to control or limit the sugar you need to do the following things.

  • Your diet plan should include the less consumption of soft drinks, soda and juices etc.
  • Do Not mix the saturated fats with the sugar substances.
  • You need to sweetened foods for yourself by adding less sugar to the foods.
  • You need to check the labels for the sugar content cereals and sugary drinks.
  • Avoid processed and packed foods, avoid adding sugar flavors in the recipes.
  • Find the alternative ways to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Avoid alcohol as it interferes with the diabetes medicine intake and insulin production.
  • You need to spot out the sugar on the labels because some sugars are added naturally while some are added in the ingredients list.

Diabetes diet plan: Choose fats wisely

Some fats are very good for health while some are unhealthy. So it is important to choose fats wisely.

Unhealthy fats include vegetable oils, baked, packed foods, fried foods etc.
Healthy fats which need to be included in the diet are olive oil, nuts, fish, omega fatty acids, tuna, and flax seeds.
Saturated fats can be used in modernization which includes tropical oils, red meat, and dairy products


As the diabetes diet plan, you need to maintain a regular diet plan so as to regulate blood sugar levels. Your meal should be moderate and small portioned sizes.

Start your day with an exercise followed by a good breakfast. Eat regular small meals and keep the calorie intake.

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