What are the pregnancy precautions to be taken care by the women?

Being pregnant is one of the life-changing experiences where you could concentrate more on the things to be done and not done. Because during pregnancy your body gets easily affected if you are poor in vitamins or blood supply. So once you are confirmed that you are pregnant through the pregnancy test, care should be taken at that moment onwards. It ensures a healthy life for both the mother and the baby.

Your pregnancy stages are divided as the pregnancy trimesters where some precautions to be taken in each and every stage.

The first pregnancy trimester is the important phase where you need to take more care regarding your health. The first trimester comprises of 12- 13 weeks of pregnancy.

However, every woman who is conceived should take some precautions for the healthy growth and development of a baby.

Pregnancy precautions to be taken by pregnant women:

1.  Arrange an appointment with the doctor:

Well, immediately after you are confirmed with pregnancy you need to consult a doctor for medication. Tell the doctor about your previous medical history, miscarriage or any details so as to give him clear information about your health. Ask them the doubts if you had any. Know the pregnancy precautions to be taken so as to ensure your baby healthy. Take all the tests given by the doctor so as to know about your health report. Use the prescribed medicines by the doctor as per his direction. Do Not consume the medicines not prescribed the doctor while you are pregnant. Try to avoid the medicines related to fever, headaches or cough etc while you’re pregnant.

2. Consume Folic acid and vitamins tablets without failure.

In your daily medication, it is compulsory to include folic acid as it protects and improves your baby brain and nerve development. You need to take 400mg of folic acid and 10 mcg of vitamin D. Also you need to include the healthy diet plan for gaining essential nutrients and vitamins for your baby. You need to check with the medicines while taking as some medicines will counteract on your healthy body and baby.

3. It’s the time to quit smoking:

Smoking during pregnancy will lead to miscarriage and it is harmful to your health. The smoke you inhale affects your baby and results in less weight gain. As smoking reduces your immunity power and results in sudden infant death syndrome. It is linked with health-related issues and it is potentially the life-threatening one.

4. Consuming alcohol and caffeine:

Some say that drinking a small cup a day will boost your energy. Though it might be right but not be to take while you are pregnant because it may lead to miscarriage also. Consuming alcohol during pregnancy trimesters will cause the abnormal growth of a fetus and linked with several disabilities too.

Moreover, caffeine consumption during pregnancy is also not a good measure. You may give birth to a premature baby and also the child develops with several birth defects with a higher quantity of risks involved. You need to limit all the energy drinks, chocolates, tea, green tea, and coffee to 200 mcg daily. It extends beyond it results in life-threatening issues for the baby.

5. Avoid bathing in hot tubs:

Once you are confirmed with pregnancy try to avoid bathing in hot tubs or high degree boiled water. Because using the high temperature than your normal body temperature will hamper the growth and development of the fetus. Try to use lukewarm water for bathing so as to maintain the normal body temperature.

6. Learn what to eat and not:

A healthy and balanced diet during the pregnancy will help to get all the nutrients and vitamins required for baby development. You need to turn yourself into eating good and balanced, hygienic diet. You don’t need extra calories during the pregnancy but needs to avoid some foods because they might contain the bacteria, toxins which harms your baby growth. You need to avoid cheeses, raw products, and raw meat etc.

7. You need to take as much rest as you can:

During your 1st pregnancy trimesters, you may feel sick and exhausted this because due to hormonal changes in your body. Take your bed early even though you may not get sleep. Enjoy cool music or relax with a book until you get to sleep. It is a good idea to sleep on your side in the 1st pregnancy stage. As your womb grows lying on your stomach or back is not comfortable, so it is best to sleep on your side supplying blood to the baby. However in any pregnancy stage sleep on your side is preferred when compared to other habits. 

8. Consume seafood and rich nutrients:

As the seafood is rich in proteins and minerals, vitamins which are required during pregnancy. Pregnant women should eat them. You need to get a daily dose of vitamin D which is available from an egg, sunlight, fortified milk, and fish liver oil etc. You need to eat calcium-rich content food such as milk, Taking iron, folic acids and omega 3 which is available in nuts will ensure healthy baby growth and development.

9. Do exercise regularly:

You need to do some regular exercises which cope with the physical and mental demand while being pregnant. It also helps in maintaining balanced weight control during pregnancy. You can continue with usual and normal exercise habits such as walking your pregnancy.

The above mentioned are some pregnancy precautions to be taken care of by the pregnant women. Also, make sure all the tests are done to ensure baby progress. Stay back from the potential allergens, pesticides, and insecticides which may harm your baby.


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