Will thyroid tsh levels effect your body Health condition?

At present the major disease caused by all most all the people irrespective of ages is thyroid. It needs to be checked and treated in the early stages or else it may cause death-related issues. Abnormal functioning of the body will result.

When your thyroid gland works or functions properly which is attached as the loop to the pituitary gland there will be no issues. The thyroid gland produces the required amounts of thyroid stimulating hormone(TSH levels) for metabolic activities and hormones production.

What is the thyroid?

Abnormal functioning of your thyroid glands in the production of the hormones required for the metabolism activities.

Thyroid gland helps to generate the thyroid stimulating hormones.

Basically, there are two types of thyroids.

Types of Thyroid levels:

One is the high TSH levels and low thyroid levels. You need to understand both the TSH levels whenever you had affected with the thyroid disorder.

High TSH levels are observed when there are inadequate thyroid hormones replacement and the condition is referred to as hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid. High TSH levels are observed when the range of thyroid hormone exceeds above 5.

The normal reference range is from 0.3 to 5.

A low thyroid ie. low TSH levels means that over the treatment of hypothyroidism or overactive thyroid. The reference range is below 0.4 then you can say that you are experiencing the low TSH levels.

How do tsh levels change?

The TSH levels may vary based on your age, sex, and stage of life. For example for the women of 28 years old requires the normal TSH value around 4.2 mU/L. And for older women of 80+ requires 8.9 mU/L value. Your TSH levels may fluctuate based on your diet, stress levels, medication etc.

TSH levels in your body change inversely and depend upon the thyroid hormones levels in your body. Here the pituitary gland serves as the thyroid thermometer.

Everyone is in a confusion state, why high TSH levels mean underactive thyroid i.e hypothyroidism and low TSH levels mean overactive.

I will explain to you how thyroid gland actually works in your body.

Your thyroid gland produces thyroid hormones with the help of pituitary gland in several ways.

  • Here the pituitary gland senses the level of thyroid hormones released into your bloodstream.
  • Then the pituitary gland releases the special stream of hormones TSH which stimulates the thyroid gland to produce more thyroid hormones.
  • And whatever the reason may be due to illness or stress, diet your TSH levels get affected. When the pituitary gland detects that your thyroid gland is unable to produce the hormones required, then there be a trigger in making more thyroid hormones than required.
  • In the other case if your thyroid is producing too much of hormones then it is recognized as the overactive. You may experience the shutdown activity of thyroid hormone production.

Once you are aware of thyroid basics and TSH levels you can take proper treatment in order to avoid any complications. Low tsh levels may experience high production of thyroid hormones and results in overactive condition. Whereas least production of hormones results in underactive state i.e hypothyroidism.

Note: For example for the women with the age group of 29 years the TSH levels may be 3 uM/L. It is normal in the state. But for the pregnant women if the TSH level is 3 uM/L then it is an abnormal condition. During the pregnancy, the TSH levels should not be allowed to rise to 3 uM/L for the health of both baby and mother.

Causes of high and low TSH levels in the body:

High TSH levels are observed if the patient does not undergo thyroid treatment properly. High TSH levels are needed to increase the doses also. Some food habits and medications also affect yours into taking of the treatment to level the thyroid hormone production. So take the doctor advice and ask them clearly the food diet to be followed.

Low TSH levels show the elevated level of thyroid hormones production.

A person treated with hypothyroidism there are chances for the occurrence of low TSH levels. It happens due to the following reasons.

    • Over-Medication for the thyroid replacement.
    • An optimal dose of medication may effects.
    • Absorption of central hypothyroidism.
        The main causes or the factors that affect the thyroid stimulating hormones(TSH levels) in the body are:

        • TSH levels are higher if you had tested without eating anything before night and early morning.
        • It also depends on the antibodies that regulate thyroid hormones production.
        • TSH levels may vary due to illness and during pregnancy.
        • If you use the medications for the heart and cancer diseases your TSH levels may get affected.
        • Intake of food and supplements which are rich in iodine and kelp content.
        • Intake of biotin supplements.
        • Changes in sleep habits also result in changes in your TSH levels.

However sometimes even if your TSH levels are normal you might be still facing the issues regarding the over and underactive thyroid. In such cases the test for t3, t4 levels are recommended especially during pregnancy.


I think you had gained enough stuff on the TSH levels and how thyroid levels may vary. One needs to be diagnosed properly if affected. If not taken proper treatment it might result in death issues. So took it seriously and if you find any changes in your body symptoms then consult a doctor and take the thyroid test first because nowadays it’s victims are more.

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