6 Early pregnancy symptoms that a women should know

Well, every women feels elated on being pregnant. If you really wondering that you might be a pregnant. The best and possible way to confirm your pregnancy is through pregnancy test only.

One may experience different kinds of early pregnancy symptoms but all women may not. Every woman is different and may had different sign of pregnancy. These pregnancy symptoms may differ from one pregnancy to another pregnancy in the same women.

These pregnancy symptoms may not be sure that you are a pregnancy, meanwhile you need to take the pregnancy test either at home or in a clinic. In the pregnancy test if you get positive then it is the indication that you are the pregnant.

But however there are other pregnancy symptoms which helps you to identify that you are a pregnant.

If you missed the period, it doesn’t mean that you are really pregnant. Do confirm it through some symptoms followed by pregnancy test.

The most common signs of early pregnancy symptoms might include the following things.

Early pregnancy symptoms and signs:

  • If you had missed the menstrual cycle suddenly which you had not experienced in your life. There is a chance of being pregnant. Also do not confirm if you had irregular menstrual cycles.
  • Early pregnancy leads to changes in your breasts and sore. This discomfort will gradually decrease due to the hormonal changes.
  • You can have the nausea and vomiting i.e morning sickness. You can observe these changes after one month of your pregnancy.
  • Increase in urination than usual. Because the amount of blood in your body increases during pregnancy causing kidneys to process extra fluids.
  • The fatigue which is also the early pregnancy symptoms makes you sleepy all the time because of the levels of hormonal progesterone soar.

The above mentioned are some of the early signs and symptoms of being pregnant.

However there are few other things to be considered to make sure you are pregnant.

Few other pregnancy symptoms to be noticed:

You may observe the below mentioned symptoms or signs of pregnancy during your first trimester or 1st pregnancy stage.

1. Spotting and Cramping:

After conception the fertilized egg attaches itself to the wall of the uterus. It is the one of early signs of pregnancy which can be confirmed through the pregnancy tests. It is known as implantation bleeding which occurs after 6 to 12 days of egg fertilized.

Another thing is the cramps which resembles the menstrual cramps. Besides it bleeding of white, milky discharge from vagina after conception.This discharge is harmless and sometimes continuous throughout the pregnancy which requires no treatment.

2. Breast Changes:

Breast changing is the one of the early signs of pregnancy.Because the women hormone levels rapidly changes after conception.They may feel them as heavier and fuller.The area around the nipples, also known as areola, may be darken.

There might be other other reasons for breast changes. But if the changes are due to early pregnancy symptoms it takes several weeks to get adjust to new levels of hormones. You may also observe the breast pain.

3. Headaches and Back Pain:

The pregnant women may experience the mild headaches and severe back pains as well.

4. Dizziness and fainting:

The pregnant women may have the dilating blood vessels which results in low blood pressure and low blood sugar sometimes.

5. Food cravings and sensitivity to smells:

During pregnancy the hormones play a major role in making you to crave the favourite food and also to certain smells. You can feel sudden sensitivity to smells, pungent taste. It happens during the initial weeks after conception.

6. Feeling of tightness:

One of the early pregnancy symptoms before you miss the period is bloating and stomach twinges. This is because of increase in progesterone hormonal changes. This increased levels leads to indigestion due to trapping of gas in the intestines. It might also tighten your clothes around the waistline and result in discomfort. So healthy and controlled eating helps to deal with any type of discomforts faced during pregnancy.

However period delays may cause due to several factors. There could be a chance to be a pregnant. But hormonal changes such as weight gain, weight loss, medication ,eating disorders, increased stress levels, thyroid, birth control pills, drug usage may also cause delay in period.

Does home pregnancy test gives accurate result?

Well, one can 90% accurate result through home pregnancy test.You need to wait two weeks after the date of ovulation which can be takes place through HCG(Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). The HCG is an placenta -produced hormone that enters urine once an embryo is implanted in the uterus. The pregnancy stages and symptoms are not same for all the women.

A women may have 3 pregnancy stages or 3 trimesters during her pregnancy.

One can observe unforgettable changes in the body during the pregnancy stages.

During 1st trimester:

  • Cramping, vomiting,Nausea, breast changes etc. All these changes are due to hormonal changes only.

During 2nd trimester: 2 pregnancy stage

  • It is the best pregnancy stage where you can feel your baby movements.
  • You may experience some pressure symptoms, tendon pain, cramps, swelling etc.

During 3rd trimester:

  • Feels more nervous and anxious in this pregnancy stage. Pressure effects from your rib cage and shortening of breath.
  • In the third trimester your hormones will relax and there will be pressure on your bladder. You need to do relaxation exercises and warm bath will help you a lot at this pregnancy stage.

The above mentioned are some of the early pregnancy symptoms and signs. You need to take the home pregnancy test or healthcare clinic for confirmation. Once confirmed you need to be careful in all the 3 trimesters for the healthy life of both mother and child development.

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