12 Surprising Health Benefits of Ragi (Finger Millet)

Ragi is a cereal grown in central Asia and many African countries. Since ancient time, ragi has been an important part of the South Indian diet. It was added in every meal to increase the overall nutritional value of their meal. Ragi or Finger millet was originated in Africa. In India, Ragi has introduced 4100 years ago. Thus, it was even present during the Harappan Civilization time. But, now ragi is totally absent from most of the people’s diet. Most people don’t know about the health benefits of Ragi. Thus, we have compiled a list of Health Benefits of Ragi.

  1.    Ragi has high calcium content.

Ragi is loaded with calcium. There is around 344 mg of calcium in every 100 gm of Ragi. If you compare ragi with other cereals like rice, then it has around 10-30 times more calcium content. Thus, adding ragi in your meal can be very beneficial for you.

Calcium helps in making your teeth and bones strong. If you have a good amount of calcium in your diet, then chances of diseases like osteoporosis will be very low.

  1.    It helps in managing diabetes.

Recently, diabetes has been rising very fast in the urban world. Thus, people have started looking for foods which are packed with complex carbohydrates and have high dietary fiber level. The ragi coat is packed with dietary fibers and polyphenols. It has a 40 times higher polyphenols level when compared to rich. Thus, if you are a diabetic patient then eating ragi daily will result in low glycemic.

  1.    Prevents obesity

The best thing about ragi is that you can’t overeat it. The high dietary fiber present in it will prevent you from overeating. Also, it will keep your stomach full for a long period of time when compared to other meals. It also contains some amount of amino acid. This amino acid helps in suppressing your appetite. Thus, substituting wheat for ragi can help you to lose weight.

  1.    Ragi can actually keep you young.

Ragi can help you in maintaining young and youthful skin. It has high phenolic content and antioxidants which can help you in delaying the aging process. Ragi also contains amino acids like lysine and methionine which is very good for the skin. It can make your skin wrinkle-free. Thus, eating ragi every day will definitely help you in reversing the aging process.

  1.    It helps in improving digestion.

As we have already discussed, ragi contains dietary fiber. The dietary fiber helps in proper digestion of the food. Thanks to these dietary fibers, it becomes very easy for other foods to pass through your intestine. Thus, it helps in making the digestion process smoother.

  1.    Battles anemia

Ragi is an excellent source of Iron and Vitamin C. Thus, it is very beneficial for patients who are suffering from anemia or those who have a low hemoglobin level. You can make Ragi Dosa increase the overall benefits of the Ragi. Also, ragi is a source of thiamine. Thiamine helps in increasing the RBCs in the body and thus boosting your hemoglobin level.

  1.    Provide an ample amount of energy.

Ragi is a high nutritional food. It has a good amount of protein, unsaturated fat, and protein. Thus, it helps in fueling your body with a lot of energy. It also used by many bodybuilders as a pre or post workout food. Ragi is also used by athletes to increase their endurance level. Thus, you can also start eating ragi to build your endurance level from scratch.

  1.    Relaxes the whole body.

Ragi also helps in relaxing your body naturally. If you are eating ragi daily then you can easily deal with conditions like depression, insomnia, and anxiety. Ragi is rich in antioxidants like Tryptophan which works as a natural relaxant. You can eat some ragi cookies every day and relax easily.

  1.    It has high protein content.

Ragi protein contest is similar to wheat but some ragi varieties have double the protein content. Protein is very important for building and maintaining muscles. Thus, ragi is used by many build builders as a pre or post workout meal. It has a high level of elusinin in it, which is the main reason for high protein content in ragi.

  1.     Ragi can help you in preventing cancer.

Ragi is filled with antioxidants, which helps in preventing oxidation. Excessive oxidation can cause rapid aging or cancer because they can damage your healthy cells. Thus, these dead cells can result in cancer in long run. Ragi has many antioxidants like phenolic acids and tannins which have antioxidant properties. If you are eating ragi daily, then chances of cancer will go down.

  1.     Ragi is very good for your heart.

Ragi also contains a good amount of magnesium. Magnesium is very important because it helps in nerve function and thus helps in maintaining the normal heartbeat. Also, the fiber content present helps in preventing the accumulation of fat. Thus, it helps in lowering the cholesterol level in your body.

  1.    Good for new mothers.

Ragi can increase the production of breast milk. Thus, it is very good for new or breastfeeding mothers. Ragi is filled with important nutrients like calcium, amino acid and iron which is also very good for your child. Therefore, many doctors advise new mothers to eat ragi daily.


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