10 Benefits of Rice Bran Oil

A good cooking oil work is not to just to add flavor, but to provide you with important nutrients also. The cooking oil you use has a direct impact on your body cholesterol level. If you are using good cooking oil then it will also reduce inflammation in your body. Thus, it is very important to pick good cooking oil. The refined oil and clarified butter is not good for your cholesterol and can be the reason for many heart diseases. This is the main reason why people have started looking for good cooking oil. Rice Bran Oil has many health benefits. Thus, it is slowly becoming popular among consumers and restaurants.

10 Health Benefits of Rice Bran Oil

  1.    Rice Bran Oil is very healthy for your heart.

Rice Bran oil is very heart friendly oil. It has a balanced amount of saturated, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. The oryzanol level in this oil is also very good which can lower your cholesterol level. Oryzanol is actually an antioxidant which helps in cholesterol elimination in your body. Thus, people who use Rice Bran oil regularly have less risk of experiencing any cardiovascular disease in the future.

  1.    It has a neutral taste.

The best thing about Rice bran oil is that it has a neutral taste. Thus, it won’t affect the taste of your other spicy or Indian food. You can easily use it to make cakes and cookies also. This is not possible when you are using other cooking oils.

  1.    It can help you in losing weight and extra fat.

Rice bran oil can help you in losing weight. It is trans-fat-free and thus people are using it to lose some extra weight. It also has the ability to lower the cholesterol level in your body. Thus, it can easily help you in losing some weight. The oryzanol or antioxidant which is present in Rich bran oil also helps in improving your metabolism.

  1.    Rice Bran Oil has a high smoke point

Rich Bran oil smoke-point is about 250C or 490F. Thus, it is perfect for deep frying or stir-frying. In simple words, Rich Bran oil can retain its nutritional value at a very high temperature. Thus, you can cook your food at very high temperatures. The main benefit of cooking food at high temperature is that it will absorb less oil.

  1.    It can help you in boosting your hair growth.

Rice bran oil contains a very important carbohydrate compound know as inositol. Inositol can help keep your hair dandruff free. Thus, it directly helps in boosting your hair growth. The oil also contains many omega fatty acids. These acids are very important for your hair as they prevent graying of your hair. It also contains linoleic acid which helps in preventing DHT. DHT is a hormone which is responsible for hair damage. Thus, you can also block DHT by eating food cooked in Rice bran oil.

  1.    Good for diabetic patients.

Rice bran oil is also very good for people who are suffering from diabetes. It has very low blood sugar levels. If you compare Rice bran oil with other oils, then it has around 20-30% lower blood sugar levels. Many people believe that Rice bran oil is the best oil for your body.

  1.    Skin Friendly.

Rich bran Oil has Squalene present in it. Squalene is a complex compound which is very good for your skin. It is easily absorbed by your skin and helps in keeping your skin smooth, soft and supple.

  1.    It can delay the aging process.

As we have already discussed, Rice bran oil has Squareness present it. It helps in tightening your skin and making it more soft and smooth. Thus, it slows down the formation of wrinkle and delays your skin aging process.

  1.    Rich Bran oil contains many good Antioxidants.

Rice bran oil contains a lot of antioxidants. It also contains many micro-nutrients and a Vitamin E complex. This Vitamin E complex is very good for the immune system. The micro-nutrients and anti-oxidants are very good for reversing the aging process.

  1.     It can treat Acne.

The Rice Bran oil also contains linoleic and oleic acids. These acids are very helpful in treating acne. The main reason for this is that acne-prone skins are actually deficient in oleic and linoleic acids. If you provide your body with a balanced amount of oleic and linoleic acid, then it will definitely help you in treating acne.


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